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15 Juni 2022

CoInnovation GHN X GER: The winning tandems

When we were commissioned by GIZ to plan an innovation competition, we did not yet know what outstanding ideas we would come across. Reviewing the applications for the CoInnovation GHN X GER innovation competition, we were flattered and thrilled. Flattered because it is an honor, thrilled because we love supporting international social startups. Today we are proud to present to you the winning tandems.

What is the innovation competition?

The short version: The innovation competition “CoInnovation GER x GHN Edition” is aimed at mixed teams of startups from Ghana and Germany. It is rooted in a networking project, which was supported by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ)). 

We already wrote about the details in our blog post announcing the innovation competition, so we won’t go into detail here. The most important part is the intention and the project: To leverage the strengths and resources of startup teams from Ghana and Germany to scale and widen the social impact and ultimately empower more people. 

Together with our friends from fairafric we were part of the jury and had the privilege to nominate the winning tandems. Here they are in no particular order. 

Winning tandem Social Entrepreneurship Hub and bm consulting

Logo of the SE-Hub

The winning project called “African-German Desk” is to exploit international business and research opportunities for SMEs, NGOs and institutions in Ghana and Germany. 

Logo of bm consulting

The Desk pools the mutual interests of SMEs, NGOs and institutions in both countries and manages the communication between relevant stakeholders in the respective countries. The “African-German Desk” will be a consultancy organization for interested parties in order to launch products and services internationally, help to find project partners and manage the execution of project ideas.

The Ghanaian partner, the Social Entrepreneurship Hub (SE-Hub) is supporting entrepreneurial initiatives aiming at impact for the Sustainable Development Goals. The proposed German partner is Brian Mohr from bm consulting. He brings his business knowledge and expertise to the table and establishes relevant connections in the german industry sector.

Winning tandem OKB Hope Foundation and numbers & words

Logo of the OKB Hope Foundation

The winning project will support a specific social project called “the health van” to make healthcare and medical equipment available to rural communities, which are until now underserved.

Logo of numbers & words

The collaboration will focus on the transition into a social enterprise with a sustainable business model and to train about 50 individuals in rural areas in basic healthcare services.

In Ghana the OKB Foundation will organize and implement the health van and trainings, while in Germany numbers & words support the project and help make the project investment ready to scale the impact in the long term.

Winning tandem Merdeo and Feldling

Logo of Merdeo

The winning project will enhance food security and make food more accessible by providing a B2B marketplace through which smallholder farmers and small scale urban vendors can connect and food can be distributed more efficiently. 

The Feldling Founders

The collaboration focuses on knowledge exchange and joint development of an online platform. In Ghana the founders of Merdeo Foods, Nana Kofi Sarpong and his team, will establish the platform and use their connections to make it known among small farmers and urban vendors. In Germany Feldling will provide their expertise and knowledge to scale and grow the collaboration. The Ghanian partner brings digital skills to the tandem whilst Feldling consults based on experiences from their own going to market strategy.

What’s next for the winning tandems?

All projects are well on their way to their implementation and pilot phase. We are really looking forward to seeing them realized and wish them all the best for their development. 

On the same note we like to thank our friends and jury partners from fairafric and of course the project partners, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Impact Hub Leipzig and the Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is funding the project. 

We love working with international social startups and partners and are really happy about the results of the innovation competition. In cooperation with our Impact Hub network we are always on the lookout for new international collaborations and projects. 

If you have any questions, ideas or projects you like to talk about, feel free to contact us – in German or in English. 🙂

Follow up workshops with Kwabena form the SE-Hub in the Impact Hub Ruhr